Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Tutorials and Links

I always email myself links and then save them for when they come in handy some day. I have a whole bunch of pregnant/nursing/baby links and tutorials that I thought I'd throw out there for the blog world.

Tablecloth Diaper Changing Mat Tutorial from The Polka Dot Umbrella

The Nursing Cover that I already made I got from Diary of a Quilter's Tutorial

Boppy Cover Tutorial from Katie J. Gibson

Colorful Bobbles Crib Mobile from Happy Together

Prego Shirt Tutorial also from Happy Together

Hooded Towel Tutorial except I love one we already have that sort of looks like this Horse Towel below, picture borrowed from Stitch Sensations

Snail Softie and ABC Book Tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop

Little Soft Elephants from Frivolous Necessity

Happy Together just posted links to these two Nursing Shirts today. 
Shirt to Nursing Shirt Refashion Tutorial from Home Sweet Homebodies

And Another Nursing Shirt Refashion from Mommy AdaMia

All in One Cloth Diaper Tutorial from The Nappy Network

And of course, a Menstrual Pad Tutorial from Tiny Birds Organics

Little Boy John John (Jon Jon?) from Growing Home

Little Girl's Pillowcase Dress Tutorial from Tot Tuesday

Watch Me Grow Chart from Moda Bake Shop again

Chore Chart also from Moda Bake Shop

Ok, I'm done. For now...

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