Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Non-Crafty Post about Clothing

I posted this on Facebook and got a slightly different response than I was expecting. Not entirely, but sort of.

I just have to get this out there. Clothes are not a covering of shame. They are a covering of immaturity. But we're teaching our daughters all wrong. CLOTHING IS A GLORY. A scantily clad girl is a high maintenance one, like a toddler who likes to lift her shirt and show you her belly button. Adam and Eve wore clothes after they ate the fruit because it was then that they suddenly grew up and realized they weren't dressed to be the king and queen of the world. It was after they grew up that they finally were joined and had children. Anyhow, all this to say, we're teaching our girls totally backwards when we teach them to just cover all the important parts. No wonder our daughters get caught up in the dos and don'ts and try to judge each other's motives for dressing. Am I crazy in thinking this? Really, I'm trying to have a soft heart here, so I'll try not to overreact if somebody cares to comment and disagree...

So to answer some questions, I wrote it all out here.