Friday, December 30, 2011

Tummy Time Rag Quilt

Finally got around to sewing a little bit last week. Really excited about this one! It's a cozy flannel 'rag quilt' that I plan on using as a 'tummy-time' blanket for our little one coming in May. Since tiny babies see red and black and white best for those first few weeks, one side of the quilt is entirely those colors, while the other side is much brighter, for the later weeks and months. This quilt is so cozy and soft!

My mom sent me these fabrics, aren't they fun? So hard to find cute flannel in Texas...

I used 24 red/black/white squares, measuring 4 3/4" sq., unfinished and then 24 bright squares. The rag seams are just barely under 1/2". The center rectangles ended up being 15 1/2" x 24" unfinished. The border was 1 3/4" unfinished. You'll definitely want to check and make sure that's the right measurement for your big rectangle after you've sewn your squares into strips. Would hate for it to be too small! 

One thing I would change, and I will probably have to go back and try to fix it still... My machine doesn't machine quilt very well. Ok, *I* don't quilt very well. So all I did to quilt the middle rectangle was sew a long diamond, with each of my four points at the very edge of one of the rectangle's sides. My batting is probably cheap too, which didn't help. After going through the dryer a couple times, my batting started to bunch up in the middle of that huge diamond. So sad. All this to say, take the time to actually do a good job of quilting that big open rectangle. Cover it in quilting, so your batting doesn't fall apart inside. 

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